Partner Organisations

As part of our remit we partner with similar independent research and archival institutions in both the musicological and wider fields of the arts and humanities. Free of state regulation we seek to be part of an international network of collegiate collaboration, respecting each others specialisms and celebrating our similarities. Further details can be found below.


The J.S. Bach Academy
of Music, Arts, Letters and Sciences


A constituent division of European American University and established in 2007, the Academy is a cultural and educational institution that honours the example of J.S. Bach (1685-1750) as a composer and executant musician of genius; a distinguished pedagogue, an intellect of the highest order and a polymathic artist. From the outset its activities have centred not only upon music but on endeavour in other areas such as literature and the sciences. As such, the Academy stands against the fragmentation of human knowledge and promotes unity and interdisciplinary endeavour.

The JH Lewis and JS Bach Academy agreed an affiliation to share research and collaborate on jointly beneficial activities in July 2019.